Employment Resources And Childcare Network Inc., NFP


Our vision is to create a multilingual-multiskilled society of peaceful and responsible youth via C.H.I.M.E.4Peace (Cultural History Immersion Modeling in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment & Educational Endeavors) among our future generations within the inner city by becoming their tangible role models as they pursue their life’s endeavors.

Our Chime Biz Youth Network members perform and/ or display their developing talents at agency or “model” business sponsored events in order to fundraise in support of our mission. We invite you and others to join our movement and help to create an atmosphere of cultural harmony in our world thus a “Chime4Peace”… Te amo.

Join The C.H.I.M.E BIZ TEAM!! (Cultural History Immersion Modeling in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment & Educational Endeavors)

Chime Youth Biz Network & C.H.I.M.E. Biz Team Donation/Membership Payments Welcome via PayPal!! Click Here:

What are you doing to Keep Kidz Off The Streetz in your community? If you are not sure of what you can do to help…just ask LIl Johnnie what he’d like to see in his neighborhood that would encourage him toward a positive future…(You’ll be surprised at what you hear if you JUST ASK LIL JOHNNIE).  Most of our youth are interested in things that are readily available in their communities so we as the adults must create these opportunities to KEEP THEM OFF THE STREETS if the resources are scarce.

Some suggestions:

Donations to a local youth center, or organization that supports youth and young adult development, coming out to a local school team game or school event and just invite the youth to join you and pay for their ticket, a word of encouragement and advice would go farther than you’d expect.  Our youth want guidance as well as respect and acknowledgement.  Other suggestions include renting the local park district space to host an  event such as “FINAL FRIDAYS” in the Greater Ashburn Area sponsored by Employment Resources and Childcare Network Inc., NFP where businesses are asked to donate a small amount to set up a table and allow the youth to showcase their talents.  One youth showed friends and community how well he could twirl a ball (Harlem Globetrotter’s style) while others performed a  song or helped out with equipment setup for the event.  Feel free to share suggestions with our other blog readers and share your experiences in taking care of the village.

In order to turn this thing around…WE MUST ASK LIL JOHNNIE: “What can be done to help your life goals and aspirations become a reality?”  He will gladly respond with the TRUTH!!

Thank you for taking time to CHIME 2 PREVENT Cry-Me!!

Reba LaMaestra



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  1. Visit http://www.chime4peace.wordpress.com to learn more and join our movement!!

    September 23, 2015 at 8:02 pm

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